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The 2022 Georgia Police and Fire Games

June 19-25, 2022

Hosted by: Gainesville, Georgia

About the Georgia Police & Fire Games

The Georgia Police and Fire Games were established to recognize and honor those who work full time in the profession of law enforcement and or fire fighting. These men and women risk it all each tour of duty and work not for the money but for the call to duty and the honor to serve.

To participate in the Games you must be:


These Games are open to active and retired law enforcement officers and firefighters in every state in the US.


A full-time, salaried employee of a Federal agency in the field of law enforcement or fire-fighting;


A full-time, salaried employee must be a certified officer with arrest powers or a certified firefighter.


A full-time, salaried employee of a State agency in the field of law enforcement or fire-fighting;


A full-time, salaried employee of a local municipality or city in the field of law enforcement or fire-fighting;


A retiree from any of the above agencies in either the field of law enforcement or fire-fighting having served ten or more years of honorable service.


All participants will be required to present current employment IDs or retirement IDs (if available) as proof of eligibility prior to competing.

As of 2017, officers may combine with other agencies to field team sporting events involving five or more players for team play. By submitting application to participate in these games, each officer attests that he or she meets the above stated requirements. Electronic signature or written signature is recognized as an oath per law. Any falsified applications for participation in these games will be considered an attempt to impersonate an Officer under OCGA 16-10-23 and investigated as such.

Gainesville opens registration for 2021 Georgia Police & Fire Games

2021 Georgia Police & Fire Games

GAINESVILLE, Ga. (Jan. 15, 2021) – The City of Gainesville is pleased to announce registration has opened for the 2021 Georgia Police & Fire Games, slated for June 20-26 at various venues across Gainesville-Hall County.

“Since we learned Gainesville was selected to host the 2021-22 Georgia Police & Fire Games, city and Hall County personnel have been working together to ensure activities slated June 20-26 awaken in athletes a renewed spirit for the games and hunger for friendly competition,” said Gainesville Tourism Director Robyn Lynch. “City and county staff, as well as volunteers, hope to make the 2021 games fun and memorable, especially with the unfortunate cancellation of the 2020 games due to the coronavirus pandemic. We want to put on an event that’s not only successful, but one that prompts athletes and spectators to think ‘This was worth the wait’.”


The city announced in April 2020 it was chosen to host the 2021 and 2022 week-long event, which draws competitors from every corner of the state whose careers have been devoted to public safety. The Georgia Police & Fire Games are open to all salaried law enforcement officers and firefighters, active or retired, from any U.S. state.


“We look forward to bringing the games back to Gainesville-Hall County,” said Georgia Police & Fire Games Executive Director James Perry. “The response and support we received when there years ago has not been forgotten, and we know Gainesville-Hall County will again excel in hosting the event.”


The 2021 event schedule features challenges, including but not limited to, a 5K race, Tactical Drone Ops and flag football; to a bass-fishing tournament, CrossFit and archery. Athletes can sign up for more traditional competitions such as golf, basketball or tennis, or try their hand at more daring activities, like the Sniper Competition/Long Range Rifle, Pistol Match and Motorcycle Rodeo categories. By the end of it, the city will have also announced winners in the Toughest Cop, Toughest Firefighter and Toughest Competitor categories.


Residents and visitors should plan to support the men and women who serve their city, county and state as they go head to head in friendly competition during the games, details for which can be found by clicking the “Event Schedule” tab at the top of this webpage.


To register for the 2021 Georgia Police & Fire Games, click the “Register” tab. You may also confirm your eligibility by clicking the “Home” tab.

Those interested in volunteering for the Georgia Police & Fire Games or becoming an event sponsor may call Lynch at 770-297-5499.