The History of the Games

During the late 1960s, several states originated Olympic-style athletic competition for law enforcement officers within their respective states. California in 1967 and New York in 1968, were two of the first states to hold such competitions.

The Georgia Police & Fire Games were formed in Carrollton, Georgia in 1984. The games were started after Officer James Perry of the Carrollton Police Department read about other state games.

Perry approached Jim Herbert, then with Carrollton Parks and Recreation, and outlined his idea for the games. Together they worked with the city manager’s office and obtained approval and financial backing to pursue the establishment of the games.

Since the games’ inaugural completion in June 1985, they have grown from less than 300 participants to over 1,000 participants. Participation grows every year.

The Georgia Police & Fire Games are here to stay! The board of directors is in place and currently serves as a governing body for the games. The games are moved around the state by application and bid process every two years. Generally, the host city’s recreation department and sports council coordinate and direct the games.

It’s the goal of the board of directors to promote physical fitness and educational exchange that benefits all law enforcement and fire department personnel in the State of Georgia.

The City of Gainesville has the bid for the games for 2021-22.